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Youth Community is our strength
Aim to General Election 2024

Nation wants to be a corruption free country

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Youths are future of India
India Wants More Youths Politician

Indian public want qualified and trained politician only

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Youths Are Always Winner
Our Duty Is To Change Corrupt System

NYD India is the hope of our society

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Be the part of Youths Politics Community
Minimum Graduation
Seatwise Priority
Two Years Mentor
Be Trustworthy
If you sleep in youth, will cry during the old age

Serving our generation with excellence will mean in turn, our generation can lead with excellence

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Develop Yourself

Skill development is better way to change your Life


Understanding Political Theory
Constitutional Government and Democracy in India
Political Theory-Concepts and Debates
Political Process in India
Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics
Perspectives on Public Administration
Perspectives on International Relations and World History
Political Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective
Public Policy and Administration in India
Global Politics
Classical Political Philosophy
Indian Political Thought-I
Modern Political Philosophy
Indian Political Thought-II
Generic Elective -4 (Interdisciplinary): Any Four
Nationalism in India
Contemporary Political Economy
Feminism: Theory and Practice (This paper has been swapped by the
paper titled ‘Women, Power and Politics’)
Gandhi and the Contemporary World
Understanding Ambedkar
Governance: Issues and Challenges
Politics of Globalization
United Nations and Global Conflicts
Discipline Specific Elective-4 (DSE): Any Four
Citizenship in a Globalizing World
Human Rights in a Comparative Perspective
Development Process and Social Movements in Contemporary India
Public Policy in India
Understanding Global Politics (This paper has been replaced by the
paper titled ‘Colonialism and Nationalism in India’)
India’s Foreign Policy in a Globalizing world
Women, Power and Politics (This paper has been swapped by the
paper titled ‘Feminism: Theory and Practice’)
Dilemmas in Politics
Ability Enhancement-2 (AE Skill Based): Any Two
Your Laws, Your Rights
Public Opinion and Survey Research
Legislative Practices and Procedures
Peace and Conflict Resolution
Ability Enhancement (Compulsory) Foundation: Two
Environmental Science